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Hope for a Healthier Humanity is a non-denominational NGO (501c3) with a vast network of hundreds of trained, passionate volunteers who are dedicated to improving the health, nutrition, well-being, safety, and prosperity of the underserved communities across the nations of Central America.

With our help, the communities where we work see a 78% reduction in chronic malnutrition rates — and 97% of our donations from caring supporters like you go directly into our programs on the ground. That's 45% more than the average NGO.

We've earned four stars from Charity Navigator, with a 97% "great" rating that indicates you can "give with confidence." Learn more about how we stack up according to Charity Navigator.

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See our IRS Form 990 for 2022.

Who we are

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We actively serve hundreds of vulnerable communities through El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras — and we have legal operating status in seven countries across Latin America and the Caribbean, so we always have our eye on expanding our reach and helping more children and their families.

Hope for a Healthier Humanity is primarily a volunteer organization, relying on local individuals from our beneficiary communities to design and manage programs in ways they know will be most helpful. This puts the individual needs first — and allows us to achieve meaningful results with a very small margin of organizational overhead.

Volunteers and projects

We don't just have volunteers. We are volunteers.

Our cohort of over 400 trained, passionate, dedicated volunteers are the heart and soul of the foundation. Every day, they travel long distances to visit the often-isolated homes of the beneficiary families they’re assigned to — often on foot through steep, rocky, overgrown terrain.

Each volunteer visits their full case load of 15–20 families twice a month, preparing, transporting, and delivering materials like food and medication; monitoring health and recording metrics; and providing the care, support, and friendship that these families need to survive and thrive.

We focus on high-impact projects to drive fast change

We strategically focus our programs in remote and underserved regions that experience extreme poverty and have little or no access to social, health, economic, or educational resources — and bring them:

We design programs to scale easily so we can keep expanding our reach and helping new groups

Hope for a Healthier Humanity's activities are highly scalable and can easily expand into any zone where there is need coupled with the desire to make things better. With the required resources to provide material support and cross-country operational integration, it is not difficult to expand the network of volunteers and beneficiaries.

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