If you will be in the area of New York City on Wednesday, November 30, we hope you will consider attending "La Velada" of 2022, a cocktail reception and dinner in celebration HHH's work. (This is a rescheduling of an event initially planned for October 13.) The event will take place at 6PM at the offices of Jones Day in Manhattan. Please contact our office at info@hhh.us.org or (718) 966-4750 for tickets and more information. Thank you, and we hope to see you there!

Our Mission and Our Work

Hope for a Healthier Humanity is a non-denominational NGO (501c3), founded in 2001, striving to help the nations of Latin America achieve and sustain improved health, nutrition, sanitation and overall well-being. Actively serving hundreds of vulnerable communities through El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico, HHH enjoys legal operating status in seven countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Hope for a Healthier Humanity strives to improve maternal and child health and reduce malnutrition through local volunteer programs that provide essential food, medications and knowledge. Studies of HHH programs indicate that programs have yielded on average a 78 percent reduction in chronic malnutrition within communities.

HHH harnesses a robust volunteer model in order to achieve its objectives. Local inhabitants of vulnerable communities receive not only training but also the resources and materials they need to substantially improve the standards of health and nutrition where they live. Each volunteer serves between ten and twenty families, committing to visit each family at least twice a month. Hundreds of these volunteers, operating in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico serve thousands of children, pregnant women and families.

Wherever possible, HHH works with local communities in Central America to construct or improve water delivery, water storage, and sanitation facilities in rural zones. The lack of clean and potable water keeps people from realizing their potential.

HHH finances opportunities for education and employment, focusing on the at-risk youth. From literacy classes to job training, HHH works with communities, individuals and other organizations to spur personal growth and local capacity.

HHH assists local clinics in underserved areas, providing them with medical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals. For $10,000, it is possible to deliver more than $1,000,000 worth of life-saving materials.

What Makes Us Unique

HHH is primarily a volunteer organization, employing only a handful of employees in the United States. It relies on local nationals and community engagement to design and manage programs, focusing on the needs identified by communities themselves.  

It is on account of the HHH volunteer model that the organization can achieve meaningful results with a very small margin of organizational overhead. Independently certified audits confirm that 97% of HHH’s income is directed to program expenditures.

For this reason, HHH activities are highly scalable, and can easily expand into any zone where there is need coupled with the desire to make things better. With the required resources to provide material support and cross-country operational integration, it is not difficult to expand the network of volunteers and beneficiaries. 

How You Can Help

While Hope for a Healthier Humanity does receive large grants from major sponsors and international organizations, the majority of HHH’s revenue comes from smaller donations from individuals. People like you make our work possible, so please consider making a donation today.

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