The Problem

Citizens of many developing nations face persistently inadequate health care systems. They are subjected to an often life-threatening lack of medical supplies, treatments, trained practitioners, sterile conditions, and efficient allocation networks for the few resources that are available.

While facing the enormity of such an issue can seem daunting, we are committed to breaking down the problem into manageable parts that we can all help address, ultimately saving lives. Read below about how we are trying to help our neighbors make a positive change.

Altos de la Cascada Needs a Well. Most of the approximately 100 families living in Altos de la Cascada, a small community that lies outside the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa, have no access to fresh water, leading to rampant malnutrition, diarrhea, infections and other easily preventable ailments. The water the locals do have, purchased from trucks that make regular stops in the area, is stored in barrels and used very sparingly. Your donation of as little as $5 can help us dig a nearby well for the residents and expand the surrounding network of pipes. This would not only provide fresh running water for the families affected, but also help them grow nutritious foods and even sell their surpluses at local markets.

Citizens of Developing Nations Need Dental Care. In many developing areas where daily survival is a struggle, dental care takes a back seat, leaving untreated the infections, abscesses, cavities and gum diseases that can lead to severe pain, discomfort and long-term complications. Your donation of a mere $18 can allow our volunteer specialists to perform any one of several invaluable dental procedures that include cleanings, fillings, oral surgery, prevention measures, and even tooth reconstructions. With your help, we can bring these services to isolated regions that would otherwise have access to only the occasional extraction, at best.

Rural Areas Lack Daily Necessities. Attending to the overall health of people in developing nations isn’t limited to providing them with hands-on care or even health education. Having access to simple necessities like shoes and emergency vehicles also helps people maintain a basic level of physical wellness. That is why Hope for a Healthier Humanity, while specializing in the collection and distribution of health care supplies, equipment, and information, also accepts donations of other products that can help keep conditions in Latin America as favorable as possible. We have received raw materials, children’s shoes, and even hearses, which have been used as ambulances and fire trucks. Contact us to donate materials.

Developing Nations Need Medical Provisions and Education. People who live in underprivileged areas need not only pharmaceuticals and supplies, but also the ability to use them. For $250, you can help us furnish one of these regions with a “botiquin,” or “medicine cabinet.” The kit is delivered to a community health promoter, and it includes the wonderful textbook "Donde No Hay Doctor" ("Where There Is No Doctor"), as well as many material goods, including, but not limited to: blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, thermometers, surgical scissors, shower curtains to provide sterile surfaces, cotton, gauze, gloves, sanitizer, syringes, and a variety of vitamins and pharmaceuticals, such as analgesics, bacitracin, anti-diarrheas, and antihistamines.

Latin America Needs Access to Medical Supplies. Hospitals in the U.S. throw away millions of dollars worth of unused pharmaceuticals, supplies, and equipment every year due to technological upgrades and older products being viewed as obsolete. Our nonprofit status, our partnerships, and the fact that most of our supplies are donated allows us to procure, handle, load, and ship $500-worth of supplies overseas for a surprising $5. With your contribution of funds or supplies, you can help us provide isolated communities that would otherwise have no access to the same kind of care that we take for granted with such basic products as penicillin, painkillers, syringes, gauze, surgical gloves, vitamins, and much more. Get in touch with us to donate materials.